Academic Results


Celebrating our Proudest Achievements!

The best education in the world offers students at every age and stage myriad opportunities to grow, develop and learn. This doesn’t happen when students sit behind a desk and are told by teachers how things work. That was the old way. Today, real and relevant learning happens when students live the lesson; when they ‘do’, ‘experience’ and ‘create’. As the world continues to change, our capacity as a school to look to the future and to provide experiences that enable our students to succeed requires a different mindset to “this is the way it has always been done”.

Education needs to be agile, forward-thinking and based on strategy. At St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School, a key part of our strategy is our Student Goal Setting. Our 2019 NAPLAN Results:

The tables below show the percentages of students who achieved particular skill bands in the aspects of literacy and numeracy compared to students in similar Australian schools.


School Australia
YEAR 3 Grammar and Punctuation 65 40
Reading 44 32
Writing  87 45
Spelling 75 46
Numeracy 33 23



School Australia
YEAR 5 Grammar and Punctuation 32 23
Reading 15 19
Writing 32 11
Spelling 41 33
Numeracy 20 17